hey! that's my work!

Bruce Nussbaum has just moved to Fast Co. Design! I was one of his students last semester and he mentioned my work in his post "F*** The Boomers, Screw the X-ers, Give Gen Y Power Now":

After observing that most visitors to MOMA and the Met hated their audio headphones--bad information, interrupted socializing and annoying technology--a group of students from Parsons decided to re-design the experience. They created a prototype iPhone app called The Museum: A New Social Experience, combining exhibition images, detailed information about the works, links to expert video conversations and consumer comments. Use it while youโ€™re there, share it with your friends, and return to the exhibition forever after. The 19, 20 and 21-year-olds designed a better learning experience than a generation of museum designers.ย  My thought? If they could only be empowered to design a new universityโ€ฆ.

Read the whole thing here and admire those pics at the bottom too (!)

Thanks Professor Nussbaum!