Junction Box

[vimeo 34030212]  

“Connecting, conducting and illuminating, like the act of creativity.” — Daniel Weil

The holidays are a season of light, but one needn’t go to extremes for a little festive illumination. In 1985 Daniel Weil received a commission from a communications company to design and produce a limited edition gift to engage their customers in a surprising and creative way.

Weil’s response was “Junction Box,” a box full of metal objects taken from the world of domestic hardware that can be combined in many different ways to make a circuit. Weil’s observation was that metal objects in a conductive chain are like words that can be rearranged to change the meaning and convey different messages. In “Junction Box” the wand-like battery holder activates the assembled circuit that carries the voltage that turns on the LED—connecting, conducting and illuminating, just like the act of creativity.

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