Design Quote

Design is in a great transition, thankfully. Traditionally, design has been practiced with a focus on appearance, whether it is represented in graphic, interior, industrial, fashion, furniture, automotive, marine or any other kind of design. In truth, design has never been merely about a appearance, although that's been the most prominent phenomenon throughout its history. In addition, other disciplines use the word "design" to describe other functions, such as structuring databases, systems, services, or organizations (further confusing its use and meaning). But there have been moments in design's past where truly great designers showed us that design was also connected with performance, understanding, communication, emotion, desire, meaning, and humanity itself, even though these haven'tΒ  been the most lasting movements.

Ultimately, this is the design that I want to speak about in this book - design that encompasses the synthesis of usefulness, usability, desirability, appropriateness, balance, and systems that lead to better solutions, more opportunities, and better conditions, no matter what the endeavor or domain.

-Nathan Shedroff, Design Is The Problem