The Personal Stationary of Famous People

I have always been extremely fascinated by the personal stationary of powerful people. While I may be presumptuous to think that they choose selectively with intention and with great attention to detail... It simply provokes me to question why they chose what they chose. What were they thinking when they picked the maroon damask envelope lining? That being said, I stumbled upon Mark Zuckerberg's personal stationary online and it stayed with me all day. Take a look. Apply some of that Psychology you learned in PSYCHE 101 and it becomes pretty interesting. In one form or other, personal stationary is a projected manifestation of how one wishes to be perceived and presented.

Here's a quote from the designer: "Mark gets a lot of mail thanking him from people with amazing personal stories made possible because of Facebook. We wanted to make something a little more personal and special for him to respond."

By Ben Berry