Day One of "Trash Talk"... Collecting + Carrying my own trash!

From Frog Design: Trash Talk Blog For two whole days I am collecting and carrying all my trash. Thats right, the tissues, water bottles, plates, soda cans, lollipop sticks, cupcake wrappers, etc. Thankfully, I will not be carrying my compost (because I make a lot of it) from all my cooking. That would reek. I must take it wherever I go. Be it to the movies, to Bloomingdales or to my chiropractor.

By the end of the day  I will have pictures.

So far its mid-day and I have no trash! I think Saturday may be a light load.

OFFICIAL RULES: - Participants must remove all garbage cans from your house/ desk (see exceptions below). - If the participant has roommates, they do not have to participate in this exercise (but may!) - If the participant has a partner and/or children, they do not have to participate in this exercise (but may!) - Participants may not use public garbage cans/ or anyone else’s garbage can. - Participants cannot give garbage to someone and ask them to throw it away for you. - Participants may recycle – so you don’t keep items that can be recycled. - Participants may compost. - When participants eat in a restaurant, unless it states that it composts, they must finish everything on their plate or take it to a compost facility. - Participants may flush your toilet. - Participants may incinerate items. - Participants may donate objects to Goodwill or other charity organizations. - Any garbage created, the participant must live with. It must stay on him/her (in a purse, bag etc.) or within five feet at all times.