Dyson Airblade

I am a severe skeptic of commercial hand dryers used in bathrooms. Period. I'm a paper towel kinda' gal.

My least favorite is the TOTO Clean Dry (it collects excess water into a a tray which ricochets the air directly from the machine, into the day's collected water, and straight into your face- most unpleasant when the water is green, stinky and from a large sample of people).

Yet, the people from Dyson have yet again created a masterpiece of industrial design and brought me this (which ironically, I encountred at the MoMA, mecca of beautiful things):

::trumpets please::

It worked like a charm. Took no time at all. And seemed so right- almost perfection (men seemed less impressed because larger hands couldn't avoid direct contact thus touching it) but none the less, awesome.

Buy your own for only $1,199.00! and check out their beautiful website: dyson airblade