[ @ ] I wish I could buy some letters and symbols......

I recently saw the brilliant Paola Antonelli discussing her work for MoMA at Parsons School of Design. She mentioned that the MoMA was working on acquiring the rights to THE "at symbol" [you know, this one:  @  ] and her fascination with it. She also mentioned how much she loved and used the "snark mark" [first time I'd heard of it] for her email sarcasm. In all, they had success and now own THE @ symbol [and all its glory]:

1. Bruce Nussbaum for BusinessWeek Reports

2. Designboom interviews Paola

Paola was impressively intelligent and had a vast and dynamic knowledge of everything. While I had expected a more conservative talk about her personal work with the MoMA and her curating methods, she was charismatic and frank with her personal life, accomplishments and opinions. She honestly blew my mind away with her progressiveness and incomprehensible fluidity with all fields and points of interest. This women must read all the time.

"Clarity and elegance doesn't cost more than ugliness and cumbersomeness." - Paola Antonelli at the talk. So wise.