Technical Drawings that I need to make into infographics.

I lurve to make infographics and these technical drawings are inspirational. Can you imagine an infographic that looked as dynamic as these bad boys? Yawza! One day, one day. Drawings by James Bills

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Watch the trains of NYC, in infographic form, harmonize with each other.

click here: MTA.ME from day to night… watch. THANKS MARYAM H.

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Yo’ Francesco Franchi: Information Design KING

Francesco, my friend, this is a double whammy. You are Italian (thus, more sophisticated in design than I could ever aspire to be) but you are also so impressive with your delightful info-graphics…. They. are. just. so. nice. Look through his Flickr (there are so many!!) Design IV, I know this is what you wanted…. […]

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WSJ Super Infographic!! (about your info too!)

WSJ “What They Know” has this fantastic interactive graphic that shows the 50 top US websites and their tracking files (watching how you click). Its pretty nifty.

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Our Aging World: GE Infographic by Ben Fry

Not going to lie- *this info graphic* was sooo simple it took me a second to understand it. Apparently, 2050 is going to have a lot of old people. Get ready.

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