Project: Petropolis Book
Agency: Sylvain Labs

Today, people are moving into cities at an astounding rate, over 50% of the global population lives in an urban area, and dogs are absolutely coming along for the ride. But living together with dogs in the city doesn’t come without its own hurdles. Society is currently in a transitional period where we’re figuring out how to integrate our beloved canine friends into our ever-changing modern lifestyles.

The role for brands to play today in this massive shift in the way we view dogs, is to be the voice of guidance. People are trying to find ways to build lives with their dogs in the city that are positive and meaningful—they want to allow their dogs to tap into their true nature, to thrive while still living in the context in which humans find themselves. The question everyone should be asking is how do we allow dogs to be dogs in the most natural way possible, while still fitting within our lives in the cityscape?




FALL 2014