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Lunch Line Redesign

Experiments that we and other researchers have done in cafeterias at high schools, middle schools and summer camp programs, as well as in laboratories, have revealed many ways to use behavioral psychology to coax children to eat better. Here are a dozen such strategies that work without requiring drastic or expensive changes in school menus. […]

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Looking for a little crime? A little impressionist art? Some political fiasco and bad bad Philadelphians? I’ve got the movie for you! Its on Netflix. Watch it. And strongly dislike Judge Ott. Philadelphia just stole a mans art to make a Disneyland.

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Prague Tower Turns 600: Light-Show on a Building

m.u.s.t. s.e.e: Give you endless potential for decorating.

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Maybe I Should Major In Light Studies…

Set to the Tron Legacy Trailer and made with lights on a turntable- geeze, so cool and so simple. part of Kim Pimmel’s Light Studies

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Inside a Python

Science is inherently cool, but gross science is even better. Using a combination of computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scientists Kasper Hansen and Henrik Lauridsen of Aarhus University in Denmark were able to visualize the entire internal organ structures and vascular systems (aka “guts”) of a Burmese Python digesting a rat. More […]

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What everyone needs in their wallets right now:

Pantone visa cards! hahaha. pretty great.

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